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Most adults go out to enjoy a drink rather than to get drunk. Even amongst under 25 year olds, the overwhelming majority go out to meet friends, partners and to have a good time without 'bingeing'. These tips below will help you stay cool and in control.

Units and mixing

The amount of alcohol in drinks can be misleading, so be aware of the strength of your drink. A 5oz pour of wine at 12% contains approximately the same amount of alcohol as a jigger of spirits (1.5oz at 40%) or a 12oz beer at 5%.

Look out for 'premium' beers which can be higher in alcohol, large glasses of wine which at 14% can contain two standard drinks and home pours of spirits which are usually more generous than intended!

Also watch out for 'top ups' at friends - you can kid yourself that you're still on the same drink - empty your glass first before having another drink, so you can keep more of a tally on your intake.

Arrange how you’re going to get home before you go out – make sure you’ve got enough spare cash for a cab, take it turns for one of you not to drink and to be the driver for the evening or make sure you know the time of the last bus or train home.

Pace yourself

If you are going to be drinking over several hours – either out on the town or at friends, you could consume much more than you realise. A great way to stay on top is to alternate soft drinks or water with each alcoholic drink. Alcohol is dehydrating, so water or long refreshing pacers make a big difference - especially if you’re dancing and using energy!

Getting home

Recent polls show that over 30% of us have taken risks or got into an uncomfortable situation by either going home after a night out on our own or with a stranger. Don’t risk it!… never leave your drink unattended in bars and clubs or accept drinks from complete strangers.

Look out for each other

A quick bite

It’s very tempting, especially if you’re going out straight from the office, not to eat. Having a quick sandwich or bowl of cereal before you go out will line your stomach and alcohol will not be absorbed so quickly into the blood stream.

Hosting a Party at Home


  • Serve food - preferably not salty snacks that make you drink more!
  • If you’re serving home made cocktails or punch, don't make them too strong - and have shot measures if guests are mixing their own.
  • If a few guests are getting worse for wear, encourage them to have a soft drink or to sit down and eat something.
  • Keep a special eye out for young people and make sure they're OK
  • Make sure everyone can get home safely, with a sober driver, reliable public transport, or a licensed cab , Alternatively offer them a bed for the night.
  • Last but not least - don't drink too much yourself!

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