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Drinking very large amounts in one session can lead to alcohol poisoning, unconsciousness, coma or even death. If it all goes wrong, it's essential to get emergency help...

If someone loses consciousness after drinking too much, here’s what to do:

  • keep them on their side with their head turned to the side (the recovery position).
  • make sure they're breathing and that their airways are clear.
  • if they stop breathing, start mouth to mouth resuscitation.
  • loosen any tight clothing that might restrict their breathing.
  • keep them warm (but not too hot) - with blankets or a coat.
  • call an ambulance, but don't leave them... ask someone reliable to phone the ambulance.
If someone vomits you should:
  • try to keep them sitting up
  • if they must lie down, make sure theyre in the recovery position and that their mouth and airway are clear
  • if they begin to choke, get help immediately
  • dont leave them even if you cant bear the sight or smell of someone vomiting. Alcohol poisoning is extremely dangerous. It can lead to a coma and in extreme cases, death. The amount of alcohol it takes to cause alcohol poisoning depends on many factors, including size, weight, age and so on. Teenagers and inexperienced drinkers are particularly vulnerable.

How to recognise alcohol poisoning

Someone may have alcohol poisoning if: they are breathing less than twelve times a minute or stop breathing for periods of ten seconds or more

theyre asleep and you cant wake them up their skin is cold, clammy, pale and bluish in colour. If you suspect someone has alcohol poisoning, treat it as a medical emergency - call an ambulance and stay with the person until help arrives.


Is it worth it?

Youre far more likely to be involved in an accident, a fight, be robbed or assaulted or to get in trouble with the police if you get drunk. If you end up with a criminal record, it affects your chances of a good career and you could lose your driving licence through letting things get out of hand.

Even drinking to get drunk occasionally can have serious consequences. It affects your judgement and can increase risky behaviour, which could result in:

  • injuries and accidents
  • unsafe sex, which could result in sexually transmitted infections and unplanned pregnancies
  • you being robbed or going home with a stranger fights, arguments and relationship problems
  • getting into trouble with the police and getting a criminal record.
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